Monday, December 30, 2013

Letter received December 30, 2013

What up?!  How goes it?  Life is good!  It's been quite the week but life is still good.  Christmas was good!  Farararara ra ra ra raa!  Good ol' Asian buffets!  We got the car back yesterday.  Now we can go to far away places which is nice.  Connersville is an interesting area...(mission wise).  Lots of scary statistics in this town as well.   But it's good.  Hopefully since the holidays have passed the work will pick back up. Going to have to take charge and change some things to get it done though.  We'll see what happens at transfers.  Lately in studies I've been going through the District DVD's which has been good!  It's awesome because you learn something new or something different stands out every time you watch it.  You guys should get the District 1 & 2 DVD's and watch em.  They really help with learning about missionary work and you could use them in lessons as well.  Hope you had a great few days at Grandma and Grandpas!  Now you're going to be pretty busy for about a week..then things will be nice and calm :)  Until you start throwin the parties!  Meanies, partying without us :)  Don't get too crazy.  I'm almost 19!  :)  My last teen year!  Crazy stuff!  6 month mark on January 10th as well!  Let me know how the developing is going at BYUi.  I'm sure it's changed a lot in a year.  We'll see what an Indiana winter is like.  Dang humidity is just so biting!  Cole - make sure you have beanies and ear muffs...let me know if you ever have any questions about anything..I gotcha bro!  Well travel safe, say hi to everybody.  I love you all and Peace!  2014 here we come!  I love you!
Much love,
Elder Gunnoe

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Card received from Elder Gunnoe

Gunnoe Family!
Meerrrrryyy Christmas!  What a wonderful time of year it is.  Music ringing through the air, folks dressed up like Eskimos, bright lights lighting up houses, hopefully a little snowfall.  It's just such a happy season!  Christ was born in Bethlehem and what a wonderful gift that was.  The Savior provided such a wonderful example for us and how lucky we are to be members of His true church in the latter days.  Ultimately the Gospel is the greatest gift we can share with others not only because of the blessings it brings but because like the Atonement the Gospel is a gift that doesn't expire, can't be over used and will last past this life.  It's a wonderful thing to be the Lord's servant here in the Ohio Cincinnati Mission.  I'm lucky to be able to have this once in a lifetime experience and to me that was an amazing irreplaceable gift you gave me.  Thank you so much for your love and support and for allowing me to serve a mission.  We may not physically be together but you're always in my heart and mind.  Have a wonderful Christmas and don't ever forget...You're the greatest family ever.  I love you!
With much love,
Elder Conner Gunnoe

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Letter received December 6, 2013

Well life is good!  Elder Jackson and I are ballin it up!  President didn't even know we were in the MTC together when he paired us up!  Elder Jackson just read today's Advent Calendar day.  That thing is so sweet!  Our cottage is all festive.  Finally got 2 investigators at church!  Teresa is a usual but it was Lisa's first time here in Elwood so that was awesome!  Gabbie is doing great at fellow shipping her and her family :)  We went through our Branch roster and 80 of the 120 households are less active :(  Gotta work on that.  We're going to help the Phillips (Branch Mission Leader) do all their decorating.  Then work in Frankton for the day and come back for correlation and to teach Lisa!  Her daughter is going to young women's again so we'll teach her during that.  Weather has been up and down lately so that's been alright.  It's going to be quite the month!  Lots of activities like the Christmas party and the Nativity.  I'm singing O' Little Town of Bethlehem in a trio on Christmas Sunday.  Me, the High Priest Group Leader (he's 41) and Brother McGibbon (he's 36).  It'll be sweet!  Not a whole lot to talk about.  Just gotta make up for the slow week last week due to the holiday.  We have a 1st Quorum of the 70 coming to meet with all the missionaries next week and it was a 70 who introduced or at least did training for the technology down in Florida so we'll see what comes of this meeting... :)  Crossing fingers!  Mom - thank you again for all the Christmas stuff!  We love it all and it brightens our day!  We'll be spending Christmas at the Abrams so we'll take our stockings over there when it gets closer.  It's going to be quite the Christmas there!  I love you and hope you have a great week!
Elder Gunnoe

Friday, November 29, 2013

Letter received November 29, 2013

Woo!  What a week!  Monday we went to Marion for P-Day.  Quite the carnage up there!  Some of those people just got power back.  Crazy stuff!  (He is referring to the damage from the tornadoes that went through the area)  We taught Ron that night with Phil Norris who got baptized in June.  He did freakin bomb!  He connected with Ron so well!  The power of recent converts is amazing.  He is way into family history and already has 100 names temple ready!  Phil has been through a lot.  He got divorced a few years ago but his ex-wife keeps taking him to court over stupid things.  He's had multiple cars repo'd, at one point he had $25k racked up in court costs.  He makes dang good money but she's basically draining him.  Luckily paying tithing is helping!  Tuesday was sweet!  We went and saw the Phillips.  Then we met Mario Santiago!  He's this super awesome little guy from Mexico.  Great member :)  Then that evening we taught Teresa Blake (her husband died a few weeks ago).  She seems to be doing really well!  We're helping her understand some parts of the gospel that confuse her which is awesome.  Wednesday we had District Meeting up in Marion.  That evening we had dinner with the Phillips.  Then we had Branch Correlation.  Then we finally met our golden investigator!  Her name is Lisa.  She just moved in from Kokomo last week.  She was taught there by the Elders since June.  She's a super solid investigator, knows everything is true so all we have to do is get her to quit smoking!  If we baptize her...she brings along 8 kids, 4 of which are baptism eligible...5 convert baptisms at once!  Her husband is a work in progress for her for now.  But still that'll be sweet.  Oh ya, Tuesday we saw Randy D.  He's the guy I gave the patch to.  So his story is sweet.  He was in the Marines for 10 years.  He has gone on multiple tours being a Sergeant.  Later in his military career he was in the Presidential Security Team!  He flew with both the Clinton's and the Bush's.  He said he hated flying with the Clinton's because Hillary was a jerk.  He loved the Bush's though!  He said Laura made the trips super fun.  So at the Pentagon there's a place called the Pin Pad where they wait with the Helicopter.  On 9/11 he was on duty with the VP when the plane hit the first tower.  They took off almost immediately.  5 or 6 minutes later the terrorists planted the plane right into the Pin Pad at the Pentagon where he was standing.  4 days later it was his birthday.  Then on the 19th the captain he was flying with took a detour in flight and surprised him by dropping him off at the hospital where his daughter was born just hours later.  He said it was interesting going into the hospital with 2 shoulder holsters, 2 thigh holsters and a rifle locked and loaded ready for war.  He has close to 1000 patches from around the states and even the world.  I got pictures of about 300 of them to show why I wanted the CHP patch for him.  He's a great guy.  Hopefully he'll be willing to apply the gospel to his life.  Yesterday we ran around seeing different people.  We went to Brother Wisman's after he came out with us.  He's a family history guru!  He showed me some tricks and I can't wait to get my family history library goin when I get home!  You may already have the enclosed papers but I thought it was super cool finding them.  We met with Ron again last night and he said he doesn't feel like he can be a member of our church.  He loves our church but can't be a member of it. We'll give him a break and see if he comes around.  We taught Teresa Blake again as well!  We went over the story about how the Book of Mormon takes place in America.  She understood it after we explained so that was good.  Today will mostly be a member day.  Just working towards our 20 lessons per week!  So ya everything is pretty good around here!  Been a mostly cold/rainy week which is nice since we have the car :)  Well Monday we find out if either of us leaves!  I doubt I'll leave.  Hopefully not.  I like it here and we have to baptize Lisa!  Hope everything is well back home!  I love you!  I apologize for being late on letters.  I never forget about you!
Elder Gunnoe
PS.  I love you.  I love you.  I love youuuuuuuu! :)

Elder Gunnoe is staying in Elwood, Indiana for at least another 6 weeks.  This letter was written and mailed prior to the transfer meeting.  But now we know he is staying.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Letter dated October 25, 2013 and Emails dated October 28 and November 4, 2013

Letter dated October 25, 2013
I would have written at the beginning of this week but I've been on exchanges in 2 areas until today.  I was in Marion Monday night to Wednesday morning and then Muncie Wednesday day until today.  Marion was super awesome with Elder Chamberlain.  Taught a less active that's trying to get to the Temple, did some street contacting teaching a few Restoration discussions and getting a couple of new investigators out of it.  Taught an investigator a lesson on the Book of Mormon and then talked with another investigator for a bit.  Muncie is super awesome.  It's where Ball State University is so it's a buzzing college town.  Got a new investigator who is still considering the possibility of a God or not.  He was super open.  We'll see how future lessons go.  That's the Zone Leader area so they'll teach him.  Studies have been great lately.  Going to be using the last few chapters of 2 Nephi to help an investigator continue progressing.  We need a baptism in this area!  Well I gotta get this sent off today.  Hope all is well back home.  Cole - I'll email you Monday about your question letter.  Lookin forward to chatting again Monday!  It's 34 degrees this morning.  Cold days are comin!  Love Y'all!
Elder Gunnoe

Email dated October 28, 2013
How are you?  What has your week been like?  I'm doing good!  Sad cuz I forgot my gps case and so I can't send pictures today.  I had a crazy week!!  I was on exchanges for 4 days so I wasn't in my area for most of the week.  I sent out my letter when I got back on Thursday so it should be there today.  I sent out letters to you, papa, grandma and grandpa, Anastasi's, Bradshaws, Stephanie, Mallory, Taylor, Hansons, Miranda, Hannah, and I still have Ma and Pa and the Martins to write to.  The work is good, the Branch is good, just had a funeral (everyone dies where I go).  Is your weather getting cold?  Ya the weather has been getting down into the 30's at night.  It may warm up into the 50's, maybe 60's for the first part of this week but other than that it stays in the high 40's to low 50's during the day.  It snow flurried last week but nothing yet.  They get legit ice rain out here.  We have Trunk-r-Treat on Wednesday.  We have to be in by I think 5:00 on Halloween.  I'm chattin with Sister Gulledge (Elder Gunnoe's cousin who is serving in Nebraska) How is she?.  She's doing well.  She's covering the largest Young Single Adult Branch in the USA.  I love her!  Have you had the chance to teach or speak at church?  We've taught a few lessons and we always have input in any lesson we're in but no talk yet.  So, is Elwood a town you think you'll have success in?  How is it being in such a small town vs where you were?  Do you prefer the small town or the bigger city?  Elwood is a town that success is possible's just having it.  I absolutely love the small town - it's quiet.  All we can do is "invite" people to the gospel - right?  It is up to them to make that decision.  True but WE the missionaries have the responsibility to teach with the Spirit and address their concerns.  We need to not focus on the problems people have and focus on how to fix the problems.  I hope you get the chance to be a Zone Leader sometime soon.  What does it take to be moved into that sort of position?  What "jobs" are there besides that one?  Do you think you would be ready for that?  Are you good about personal study time?  What are you studying right now?  I hope I get to train here in Elwood next transfer!  It takes being a good missionary but honestly it's up to the Lord :)  There's Senior Companion, District Leader, Zone Leader, Trainer, and Assistant to the Mission President.  I'm ready for anything!  I'm good about personal study.  I'm reading a lot in the Book of Mormon and the Ensigns - which are my favorite thing ever.

Email dated November 4, 2013
I wore Elder Ewell's tag and he wore mine so we dressed up as each other for Halloween :)  How's the work?  I love it here!  Last week was an ok week but this week looks promising though!  We're supposed to be teaching at least 20 lessons a week now.  I'm gonna make it happen!  How was your weather this week?  The news always makes it sound like your getting bad weather.  The weather has been off and on but pretty cool.  It rained all of Halloween so we were drenched when we came in.  It's been in the 40's 50's and 60's though but mostly 40's.  Chilly and foggy but that's Indiana.  Are you loving being a missionary?  How has it changed your plans or expectations for the future?  I am loving being a missionary.  It gives me the heeby jeeby's thinking about not being a missionary.  It's a great way of life :)  I wouldn't say it has really changed my plans or expectations but it's changed who I'll be as a member in the future :) a lot more missionary minded!  Dad is leaving today for training in Carlsbad for the week.  It is something to do with carseats.  Cole and I will be getting some of the things he needs for college this week.  He is getting excited!  That's awesome dad is getting more training!  I'm sure he'll enjoy that!  I bet Cole is quite ready!  Hopefully he'll thrive in a new atmosphere :)  How are you?  I am not sure how this is going to go when Cole leaves.  I am foreseeing it not going very well.  I know you guys are doing what you are supposed to and I am happy about that - it just all happened so fast.  Amy Brake was saying that she can't wait for her last few kids to move on to their next phase of life but when she said she has been in this "process" for the last 27 years and I told her that mine has completely changed in 1 year she understood why it has been so hard.  Oh great - now I'm crying :(  Mom, everything will be great.  I promise this will bring new opportunities into your life that you can't see right now.  You and dad will grow even closer than you already are, you'll be blessing the lives of the sisters in the Branch, you'll be able to serve in so many ways.  It doesn't change anything..we're still your sons, we still love you, you're still the best mom on the planet and we have to share the things we've learned while growing up with others so we can bless their lives.  Our families will be immensely blessed because of you and dad.  I see all these missionaries out here who have such distorted views on life and have no purpose or plan but I'm sitting over here looking at a future with 2 degrees, a promising career, leading God's children as promised in my blessing, and having great success all due to the fact that I was raised properly and successfully, and you get to sit back and watch the fruits of your labors grow into two fine young men married in the temple raising their families with the same goals and standards that you raised us with. We were blessed :)


Monday, October 21, 2013

Letter received October 21, 2013

Dear Familia,
Well here I am!  Good ol Elwood, Indiana!  With its population of a few thousand people, farms, quiet streets, flat land and awesomeness!  I'm back in a Branch! :)  But this is a real Branch ... their tiny building doesn't even have pews :)  And our little 4 room cottage is so sweet!  My style!  My companion is Elder Ewell from around Salt Lake.  He has been out for about 19 months!  He was an Indiana missionary.  He's a great guy.  He has been here in Elwood for 9 months now!  That's basically a record for most places.  Got here Tuesday and had a lesson with Ron ... I see potential in him.  Met Mary yesterday and taught her the Restoration and she sounded interested.  Then we taught Idah who is super awesome!  She's been searching from church to church trying to find where they preach the gospel WITH the Spirit.  We got this :)  So we cover Elwood which is a 2 mile by 2 mile square town and Alexandria and Frankton.  We get the car every other week.  But it's flat here so I don't mind biking :)  Sorry I didn't write last week and I'm late this week.  It's been so hectic everywhere I've been.  I took a ton of pictures on the way out here and I've still been taking more.  First time in Indiana!  As soon as we crossed the border we saw Shelton Fireworks ... world's largest fireworks store!! :)  We're going there :)  Been sick lately because of the cold weather so that's no fun :(  But I just push through!  And so begins my journey here in Indiana!  I love and miss you!  Hope all is well!  Ta ta for now!
Elder Gunnoe

New home - Cottage in Elwood, Indiana

Downtown Elwood, Indiana

Elder Gunnoe riding the streets of Elwood (don't crash please!)

Farewell Fairfield peeps ... Elder Giblette, Elder Gunnoe, Sister Chapa and Sister Fletcher

Here is some of our email from this morning ...

We actually got transferred because they split our zone and Fairfield became the new Zone Leader area.  The Branch has about 79 people that attend on Sunday's.  It's awesome here - flat, farm towny, quiet, chilly.  Since I have been here I called all the less active members and found 25 bad phone numbers, left multiple voice mails, and got a few potential less active teaching opportunities.  It's so crazy what being a missionary has done to me ... you know I used to hate calling people and talking on the phone!  On my third day here, like I said, I called every less active member and investigator we have to either set up an appointment to come meet them or to invite them to church.  I love making phone calls!  It's so fun!  We get fed pretty dang regularly.  I was excited for the transfer and I'm excited to be here!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First Transfer October 15, 2013 - Address to follow soon

Elder Gunnoe has been transferred to a new area.  All we know right now is that he is in Elwood, Indiana.  As soon as I get his new address I will add it.  The area takes in the towns of Elwood, Alexandria and Summitville, Frankton and Moonville and all the farmland in between.  We are looking forward to hearing how he likes the new area!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Card received October 4, 2013

Dearest Mama Bear and Family, (the card had a picture of a mama polar bear with her 2 cubs snuggled up on the cover)
What a week!  Elder Giblette's tire popped 2 times in 2 days.  We had a specialized training/interviews with President and Sister Porter!  They're so awesome.  Sister Porter made us Norske Pannekakers!  Basically a super thin pancake.  They were delicious!  We played some games and she was taking pictures so make sure you check out Facebook.  (the mission has a Facebook page where they add pictures and things that are happening in the mission - the page is Ohio Cincinnati Mission)  Then after the meeting while we were waiting Elder Giblette and I sang a bunch of Hymns!  We love singing.  Sister Chapa played the piano for us.  She's amazing :)  The weather is starting to cool down which is nice.  General Conference is coming up!  I'm so excited :)  The Sisters are awesome!  Sister Fletcher is super bubbly and hard working and fun and Sister Chapa is super sweet, fun and definitely a hard worker.  She's super funny as well :)  We all work together really well.  It's so fun being a missionary!  A Brother bore his testimony yesterday about the power of the Priesthood and how the blessing he got from the missionaries allowed his physicians to diagnose a case of something most physicians will see once in their career and he had been misdiagnosed up until then and he was able to get the right medicine!  That was my first and only blessing ... :)  Good testimony builder!  Send me pictures of what you changed at the house and whatever else.  I want pictures too!  :)  I'll respond to your questions in your letter next week.  It'll be a Q&A letter with just the A's.  There's a sign I have to send you a picture's The Big Ash Farm.  Good times!  Grandma sent $50 for Subway and $25 for Red Lobster/Olive Garden/Bahama Breeze/Seasons 52/Longhorn Steakhouse!  It looks like the same Longhorn as in Washington but it's out of our area.  I'll get to it eventually.  Running out of room.  Love you!  Have a great week!
Elder Gunnoe
PS.  They sent stickers as well :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Letter Received September 25, 2013

Dear Mom & Pop,
Well what a week it's been!  Full of rain, brownies, bike riding, move ins, funeral, and correlation.  This Friday we were over at Greg's house and we were reading with him on his porch and the sky kept getting darker and darker and it was only 4:30...we left his house and as soon as we rounded the corner I felt a few drops and said "uh oh..we gotta go.."  Next was raining pretty we booked it to the Gardner's which was a few streets down and as soon as we got on the porch it was a super hard downpour.  Barely missed that.  Saturday was Brother Tony Mensah-Daku's funeral.  He was from Togo which is next to Ghana.  He had a condition with the veins behind his lungs and they basically shut down and he was home alone asleep when he suffocated to death.  His 8 year old son came home when his dad wasn't there to pick him up at the bus stop.  The door was locked and no one would answer so the police and apartment management came to open the door and Harrison ran in to find his dad and they couldn't wake him up.  He had been dead for about 2 hours.  Very sad!  I swear I'm bad luck.  Elder Giblette crashed on his bike :(  We were going down this super steep windy road and you know me I take stuff like that fast and lay my bike down in turns.  He was following at his own pace which I guess was a little too fast and he couldn't quite navigate the turn so the bike went down.  He slid on his arms, belly down and the guardrail post was what stopped him.  He's alright...just a little sore.  Sister Fletcher and Sister Chapa are super awesome :)  Sister Chapa just came out this last transfer and Sister Fletcher goes home in November!  The ward loves them..And loves feeding them.  They had the 2 meal calendars passed around (ours and theirs) last Sunday and they ended up getting 4 dinners and we had 0.  Luckily the Unklesbay's fed us last minute as did the Martins.  Good eats!  Sister Unklesbay made chicken that was rolled and coated in BBQ chips!  Oh my gosh, so good!  The Martins made these super good steak taco's with homemade tortilla chips (she's from Chile).  Then again on Saturday we had...Outback Steakhouse!  It was Elder Giblette's birthday so we treated ourselves :)  Soooo good!  We have 9 investigators but only 4 or 5 are being or staying solid.  We keep getting a ton of media referrals which is good.  Hope all is well back home!  It is so awesome being out here!  It's already October!  Time flies.  My new companion is so awesome!  We talk all the time and get along really well.  He's a great guy.  As you heard earlier ya we have Sisters.  We make a bomb team.  Hopefully the weather stays cooled down now.  I miss the Temple!  Thanks for the love and support guys!  I love and miss you!  Ta ta for now.
Elder Gunnoe

Elder Giblette and Elder Gunnoe

Elder Gunnoe and Elder Giblette at the Unklesbay's for dinner!!  
Thanks to the Unklesbay's for taking such good care of our Missionaries!! :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Finally...a long letter to post :)

Oh my gosh!  Such an awesome week.  So we got fed yesterday by the Felsheims.  They BBQ'd New York strip steaks for us, with green beans with bacon bits on top!  The thing was literally like an inch thick and about 4x6" big!  Ahh!  Me and Brother Felsheim are connected.  In his garage...A 2008 silver 505hp 6-speed Corvette Z06!!! Ahhh!!! It has the 7 liter L57 in it AND there's a remote on the key turns off the mufflers and sounds amazing!  He's a machinist but like super high tech machinist.  He makes helicopter blades for the government and jet engine parts, blades and tools.  I told him I'm keeping in contact so we can ride in it when you come to pick me up.  Hope you liked the pics from Sis. Unklesbay.  They're an awesome family!  Love em!  Thanks for the letters!! Sorry it's hard to respond to each one.  I always love the counsel, love, and love hearing how things are going!  Dad - I bet it's quite weird sitting with mom in Sacrament!  Good times!  Cole - that's awesome you're working at Pali.  What are hours/schedule like?  Mom - hope the new calling is treating you well!  God really did bless me with this body.  I has so much strength and energy when we're riding bikes despite 90 degree heat and 80-90% humidity.  I kill my companion - poor guy.  I thank the Lord every day for the strength He has given me.  I get MSF money next week.  Yay!  I've been better lately.  We got some new furniture.  Finally an end table I can keep my things on.  I hope you liked the pictures.  Meeting Dallin H. Oaks was AMAZING!  Such a great man.  He went straight from Gospel Doctrine Teacher to Apostle!  Never been a Bishop or a Stake President or anything.  Scary stuff!  Sorry I missed you on p-day.  We cleaned all day and got there late and I know you're back to a schedule.  My bad.  It's fun being out here!  Lovin Ohio!  If you can think of anyone else I can write please send addresses.  Nana sent me like 100 cards to send out and collectively from everyone I have almost 100 stamps!  Love everyone so much.  I get written pretty often..Stephanie writes basically weekly..she's amazing.  Nana sends me a card often.  Got a few cards from Grandma and Grandpa.  One letter from Sis. Mastro.  Mostly email but I've gotten a few letters and they said they'll write more.  I need to go find more sheet binder is full and they're all front and back filled.  Crazy stuff!  I love letters.  I saw all my MTC family (district) at the meeting with Elder Oaks.  It was such a great reunion!  Strongest bond ever.  I love them all so much.  Can't wait to hang with them post mission.  Eternal friends!  Lovin life.  Got fed by the Unklesbay's again (she may have told you this) but I was petting Shadow, their little dog, behind his ear and he whipped his head around and bit my whole thumb!  Even broke the skin by my nail.  That hurt!  Good dog story huh? :)  Thanks for the letters and the bread!! Mom - I hope you liked the pics.  I'll try and take more soon.  I sent you a badge pic.  It's somewhere around when I sent the map pictures.  Check and let me know Monday.  I want to stay here.  I'm gonna own this area.  Transfers are next week and there's 30+ missionaries coming in so we'll see.  Hope you and dad are feeling better!  Dad - Stake Conference was amazing so you heard earlier.  I'm always staying positive now.  Cole - that job sounds sweet.  So excited for you.  School goes by fast.  Enjoy it because you will miss it no matter what you say.  Do all you can because it's your last chance.  It's already September!  Crazy stuff!  Fall is going to be awesome and crazy.  So many leaves to clean up.  Still hot though.  Hottest it's been since I got here.  So today's weather was intense.  We left at 2 and it was 92 degrees with 90% humidity and sunny.  Went to a members home and left at 4.  It was semi-cloudy and still hot.  At 4:45 we were waiting outside for our ride from the family we were having dinner with (it gets dark at 5).  I was looking at the sky and realized how dark the clouds were and I told my comp.."Uh, it's about to dump.."  As we were loading our bikes it started to rain.  Off in the distance was all the lightening.  It started to downpour.  Literally.  Hardcore.  And it got insanely windy.  We got to the member's home and in the 30 foot run to the house we got soaked.  Had to use paper towels on my hair and arms.  Then I went out on the porch to watch the rain because I was fascinated.  I've never seen so much rain so quickly.  And it's 9:00 now and still raining.  Not as hard but still.  Amazing how quick the weather changed.  So we're getting Sisters in the ward.  We got a new investigator today!  He's a sweet 16 year old guy that I see a ton of potential in and we're teaching his mom.  So I'll keep you posted on that.  Tomorrow is the Labor Day Stake picnic.  I'm gonna be on our Ward's team for the soccer tourney.  Once again I'm blessed.  Definitely with you guys.  Elder Giblette it is (new companion)!  He's such an awesome guy.  Matches me so well.  From Montana.  Hard worker, energetic and just a great guy!  We've had such an awesome few days.  2 new investigators.  So much hard work.  A lesson tomorrow with John after we have dinner with the Felsheim's again.  We're helping a family move in today from Albuquerque.  The work is slowly building.  New investigators but no one with a date yet though.  But we'll get there.  Well I guess I'll just finish this up so I can send it off.  I love and miss you!  Enjoy this novel!  Love you!
Elder Gunnoe

Elder Gunnoe playing soccer at the Labor Day picnic.

Rain storm in Fairfield, Ohio.

Elder McMichael (first companion) and Elder Gunnoe.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Little bit of an update...more to come soon

I was able to chat with Elder Gunnoe via email this morning and thought I would post some of what he had to say....
"Tomorrow is transfers which is why today is p-day.  My companion is getting transferred and I'm staying here in Fairfield."  I asked him "Are you doing ok?"  He said "Ya I'm alright.  I've been sleeping on a couch or sleeping on the floor for the last 5 days (they are dealing with a bed bug issue which I have heard is quite a big problem in that area of the country), the apartment is torn apart, everything I have is all in trash bags so I'm living out of trash bags for a week.  I'm losing my companion tomorrow and either I'm getting a follow up trainer or I'll be training.  We haven't had very many real missionary days in almost a week, and ya, we've gotten fed a few more times which is nice.  So ya that's pretty much been life lately.  The letter I still need to send to you is like 7 pages long so that'll explain a lot."  I told him "Sorry to hear you are dealing with bugs! and sleeping on the couch/floor.  Do you feel you would be ready to train?  Are you glad you're staying there?"  He said "Ya it's not like a bad thing it's more of a tedious annoying and ongoingly dumb thing.  I feel ready to do anything but you know me - that's just the way I am.  I am glad I'm staying here.  Like you have no idea.  I love Fairfield.  This place is awesome.  I definitely can do anything and it's thanks to you.  Honestly.  I wouldn't be where I am without you.  Thank you so much for everything you've taught me and everything you've done for me."  I asked him "What do you think would be the ideal amount of time to stay in one area before being transferred?"  He said "I think 4-6 months is perfect to be in an area because you can really develop a relationship with the members and continually work with the same less actives and really get work accomplished.  Because being new to an area, in the first 6 weeks the only work that really gets done is getting to know the area and the members."
I am hoping to get the "long" letter soon so stay posted for more news :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Letter received 8/21/2013

This is bits and pieces of his latest letter home (it was 8 pages long which we were very excited about but didn't figure you all would want to hear all of it):
Thank you so so so much for not only that (we had sent him a GPS so he would find his way around his area) but for everything.  I'm so supported from home and I'm really blessed for it.  Like immensely blessed for it.  Especially from the way you've raised me.  I'm going to be successful thanks to you guys.  I am already taking over in anything and everything I can.  I apologize for not writing sooner.  It's been a long few weeks.  A new Ward Mission Leader was called so that will help.  He's a great guy.  Can't wait to get things rolling.  We'll see where things go.  Hope Cole will like his birthday present.  Figured he might dig it.  Nana sent me like a ton of cards so I have something to send to people.  And I have now collected almost 100 stamps so I'm good for a while.  I think I've gotten everything that was sent back from everyone, including Grandma.  Should be caught up.  I'm on top of the world baby!  I can't wait to be a leader and move this mission forward.  Me and my companion are designing a Member Record Form we're hoping to get implemented throughout the mission.  Long story on that one.  Couple of experiences I'll share in the next letter that are really cool.  This really is the Lord's work!  I know it, I live it, I love it.  I love the gospel!  Celestial party!  I love you!  Thank you again.  I love you!
Elder Gunnoe
PS.  I love stickers.  Have kids send them to me!  Cars, Nemo, Disney, Looney Tunes, etc. :)

But...he didn't end there....
We took the Sacrament to Grandma Meadows.  Super awesome lady.  Has a super high grandma voice, puffy white hair, super blunt and yet sweet as molasses.  Anyways, she lost her husband a few years ago and has really wavered in her faith even though she's sealed to him.  So we're really trying to build that faith back up.  But we love her.  She's awesome.  And we talked with this Muslim guy today who totally believes in prophets so we told him there's a prophet today but he has a hard time believing that because of the Koran.  Great guy though!  He said he'll research and call us if he has questions.  It's funny when I knock doors I open the conversation with things in their yards but mostly use their cars!  Works for the most part!  Gotta love Fairfield and Forest Park and Colerain and Mount Healthy and Seven Hills.  It was funny, we were riding our bikes in Seven Hills and rode by a house with a bunch of people out front and loud music and I said to myself "Hey, I smell skunk...oh wait, I'm in Seven Hills...Hey, I smell weed!"  :)  True that!  Good times.  So many bumpin cars around here.  Even bumpin mini vans!  When we're on our bikes members honk at us!  I can't wait for fall and winter.  Gotta love the cold!  My companion, being from Georgia, does not like that I am my dad and keep the apartment anywhere from 60-66 degrees which is freezing for him, inside at least.  The apartment is always a disaster so I'd rather not send pictures...I'm not as good about that mostly because I'll be here for a bad.  Please read this months Ensign!  It's sooo good.  Oh ya, I forgot to mention...I'll let you know what he talks on and how it is meeting him when I see Dallin H. Oaks this weekend when he comes to reorganize the Stake Presidency!  Going to be amazing!  Talk about timing!  So I need all the kids (littler kids) back home to send me stickers!  We as missionaries love re-living our childhoods so we use stickers a lot!  Please and thank you!  I want to go to the temple so bad!  Andrew Unklesbay (he takes us out to appointments a lot) just got endowed and he saw the new stuff!  :(  I'm so jealous.  He is reporting to the Salt Lake City Utah mission in October!  We're going to try and get a coffee table and some bar stools for the apartment because we work in the living room a lot and the floor is our desk.  Thrift store here we come!  Gotta make it more homey too.  I'm going to try and send this and Cole's package out today but we'll see.  I have given up ending this letter because I keep wanting to say more.  Gotta shower!  I can't wait to play baseball again.  I will get back into it.  I miss it so much.  I held a baseball the other day and it felt so good.  I just wanted to pitch for hours and hours.  Something I'll definitely get back into.  So today I got through all of D&C 107 which is about the order of the Priesthood.  I'm researching and studying this because there's a lady (lives in Dayton but works in Fairfield so we see her and work with her) and she really wants to get baptized but she is having a hard time accepting prophets after Joseph Smith because she doesn't understand how that works so I'm working to help her gain that knowledge and testimony of Thomas S. Monson so she can be baptized!  Such an awesome lady.  Now off to write letters and then the rest of P-day!  Love you!  I'll send this now!  Hope this made up for not writing in a while!  Love you!  This letter dates 8-18 and 8-19.  Oh ya, we found out there is a missionary-only meeting with Elder Oaks on Sunday!!! :)  So just the missionaries in our zone so it'll be very personal!!!  Ahh!!! :)  I can't wait!  I love you!  Have a great week!
Love ,
Elder Gunnoe

Monday, August 12, 2013

Letter received August 12

Dear Family/Blog,
Hola from Ohio!  What a week it has been.  Still a hard area to be in but we’re pressing forward!  We have 2 solid investigators, 2 so-so investigators, and 3 potential investigators!  The work is moving forward.  We are now on bikes which means during this week of being on bikes, dinner time means shower time.  Because soaking wet clothes when it’s not raining is not right!  It does rain often though so that doesn’t help.  We’re still getting to know the area and the members.  We’ve reactivated one family, we’re helping a recent convert re-quit smoking, AND we’re never getting fed.  We have had 1 member meal and we have 1 planned for next week and 2 that are always set in stone monthly.  So money runs out fast from needing real food all the time.  The apartment is still a disaster which is why I haven’t sent many pictures.  I saw a bunch of my fellow MTC missionaries at zone meeting and a trainer/trainee meeting which was awesome.  I’m being told by President Porter and my companion and missionary leaders that I have a ton of potential and will progress quickly which is comforting to me.  I hope all is well back home!
Love you all!
Elder Gunnoe

Monday, July 29, 2013

Elder Gunnoe's first letter from Ohio

I write to you from apartment 216 in Fairfield, Ohio!  Elder McMichael (who is from Georgia and has been on his mission for 15 months) and I are working on getting used to the area and figuring out what we can do here.  It's so beautiful everywhere out here!  It's all rolling hills, tons of trees and shrubbery, and not too bad weather!  Got all unpacked yesterday and met with the ward mission leader.  He's quite the character.  As are all the other people out here.  I'm loving this work and love wearing this name tag.  I know He's there by my side through it all and I know I couldn't do it without Him.  This place is awesome and life's good!  I love and miss you!
Elder Gunnoe

Elder Gunnoe with his Mission President and his wife (Elder and Sister Porter)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Elder Gunnoe makes the news!!

Elder Gunnoe, along with 29 other Missionaries, reported to Cincinnati Ohio today and made the news.  He is in the picture behind the Sister on the far left in the white blouse.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Update on Elder Gunnoe from 2nd P-Day - July 20, 2013

What a treat today to be able to email back and forth today with Elder Gunnoe.  Instead of writing a letter for me to copy and paste I will be posting pieces of our "chat."

Elder Gunnoe said he loves his companions and has never been so close to 3 other guys in his life (even though he has only known them for 1 week).  He said they are all doing well and are having so much fun together.  They are looking forward to leaving for Cincinnati on July 24th.

Before Elder Gunnoe left he hadn't been eating much and he said that now multiple people have told him that he eats the most out of anyone in the district.  Cole had asked Elder Gunnoe what was his favorite food and he replied that the MTC has the best Biscuits and Gravy (which he usually has 2 plates of) for breakfast, the best lunch is either the chicken wrap, orange chicken or BBQ wings and the best dinner was the night they all got Papa Johns pizza and either more BBQ chicken or wraps.  I have also been spoiling him with brownies, lemon cake and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  We better be careful or we will be needing to send him new suits.  Elder Gunnoe said they are able to work out either as a room in the residence hall with just body workouts or during gym time they play hard core basketball.  It is good for him to stay fit!!

I asked Elder Gunnoe if his testimony has grown and he said "Quite a lot my friends.  All I do is teach by the spirit."  He said the devotional was great and that they were able to sit super close.  Elder Hinckley was the speaker.  He said they took a picture of all the missionaries in the MTC which has only happened 3 other times so we'll have to watch for it in the Church newspapers or magazines.

Here are a few of the pictures he sent:

Elder Conner Gunnoe with Elder JC Eastwood (his friend from back home who is going to Iowa on his mission).

Elder Conner Gunnoe and his District (minus one pair of Sisters) in front of the Provo, UT Temple.

Elder Conner Gunnoe with Elder Soper (his companion at the MTC who is also going to the Cincinnati Ohio Mission).

Elder Conner Gunnoe and his entire District at the MTC (including an instructor - the one with the white badge).

Elder Gunnoe sounds like he is doing amazing!!  He only has a few days left at the MTC before leaving for his mission.  We are so proud of him and know he will be an amazing missionary and will be blessed beyond measure for his service to the Lord and the people of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.
We love you Elder Gunnoe!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Conner's first letter from the MTC dated July 13, 2013

Dear Everyone,

Week 1 (or first 4 days) at the MTC have been amazing! I am learing so much and growing so much it's amazing! My companion, Elder Soper, and I have grown close and are finding that we both are progressing in our teaching very quickly. Elder Bradshaw and Elder Martinez are our roomates. So Elder Soper (Manti Utah), Elder Bradshaw (Beaver Utah), Elder Martinez (Hatch New Mexico), Elder Pingel (Post Falls Idaho), Elder Fadely (south of Missoula Montana), Sister Parker (don't remember), Sister White (Glendale California), Sister Anderson (Orange County California), Sister Flannigan (Orem Utah), and I all make up District A in Zone 3 of the MTC. And our entire district is going to Cincinnati which is unheard of to have an entire district going to the same mission. So needless to say we are all bonding and learning together and growing close as we learn how to effectively teach and share the message of the gospel. I love all of them and we all can't wait to fly out on the 24th together to go to the field! The food is quite delicious here! Breakfasts are always good, lunches are varying styles, and dinners have all been appetizing. Last night was Pizza night and they ordered Papa Johns for the entire MTC! Oh ya I forgot to mention on wednesday I reported along with 839 other ready to serve missionaries! That's a lot by the way. Anyways this week we have just been going through class times and getting to know how the MTC works and what our purpose will be in the field. Yesterday we also had gym time which was super fun! We played knock out and I was beat by a sister missionary which I found to be quite humbling. Today during P-Day I am doing my laundry and writing this letter. The laundry room literally has like 100 washers and 100 dryers. It's kind of crazy but understandable with how many people are here. I love my companion and roomates. We all get along very well and are having a great time getting the most out of the MTC we can. I will have pictures to send next Saturday as we have things to do this weekend which I would like to include pictures of. I saw my main man Elder Eastwood the first day I was here and I saw him today as well. I have also seen a few people that I met at college which is quite awesome! I saw Sister Avarell the other day which was a nice surprise! Small world the MTC is! I'm in the main building's computer lab and being P-day the only thing you can hear is the very fast clitter clatter of fingers on the keyboards as missionaries write home to their parents! I am looking forward to the next 11 days with my companion and fellow elders and sisters in my district as we prepare to enter the mission field and do the work we were called to do! I hope all is well back home and I hope to hear from some of you as we stay in touch! I love letters but email is fine as well (i can only check it once a week for an hour). I love you all! I love the Lord and His Gospel and I know it to be true!


Elder Gunnoe

Pictures from our trip taking Conner to the MTC

Conner at the St. George, Utah Temple on Monday, July 8, 2013.  We were able to do some amazing work in this Temple.

Conner at the Mount Timpanogos Temple in American Fork, Utah on Tuesday, July 9, 2013.  We were also able to do work at this Temple.

Alton, Conner and I at the Provo, Utah Temple on Wednesday, July 10, 2013.

That dreadful walk away from us but it was comforting knowing he will be serving the Lord and is in VERY good hands for the next 2 years.  WE LOVE YOU CONNER!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Family and Friends at my farewell!

These pictures are of all my family and friends that came to support me at my farewell! I love you all!