Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Little bit of an update...more to come soon

I was able to chat with Elder Gunnoe via email this morning and thought I would post some of what he had to say....
"Tomorrow is transfers which is why today is p-day.  My companion is getting transferred and I'm staying here in Fairfield."  I asked him "Are you doing ok?"  He said "Ya I'm alright.  I've been sleeping on a couch or sleeping on the floor for the last 5 days (they are dealing with a bed bug issue which I have heard is quite a big problem in that area of the country), the apartment is torn apart, everything I have is all in trash bags so I'm living out of trash bags for a week.  I'm losing my companion tomorrow and either I'm getting a follow up trainer or I'll be training.  We haven't had very many real missionary days in almost a week, and ya, we've gotten fed a few more times which is nice.  So ya that's pretty much been life lately.  The letter I still need to send to you is like 7 pages long so that'll explain a lot."  I told him "Sorry to hear you are dealing with bugs! and sleeping on the couch/floor.  Do you feel you would be ready to train?  Are you glad you're staying there?"  He said "Ya it's not like a bad thing it's more of a tedious annoying and ongoingly dumb thing.  I feel ready to do anything but you know me - that's just the way I am.  I am glad I'm staying here.  Like you have no idea.  I love Fairfield.  This place is awesome.  I definitely can do anything and it's thanks to you.  Honestly.  I wouldn't be where I am without you.  Thank you so much for everything you've taught me and everything you've done for me."  I asked him "What do you think would be the ideal amount of time to stay in one area before being transferred?"  He said "I think 4-6 months is perfect to be in an area because you can really develop a relationship with the members and continually work with the same less actives and really get work accomplished.  Because being new to an area, in the first 6 weeks the only work that really gets done is getting to know the area and the members."
I am hoping to get the "long" letter soon so stay posted for more news :)

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