Monday, January 26, 2015

Email received January 26, 2015

Well what a transfer week it has been!! I am now a Zone Leader in the Land of Milk and Honey (The Cincinnati North Zone) serving in Hamilton Ohio :D Just above Fairfield where I was born :) (Not literally - Fairfield was his first area out of the MTC)  It's so exciting to be here in this awesome area and this amazing Zone :) My companion is now the great Elder Sunderland. He's an amazing missionary and person, so this is going to be a fantastic transfer. We had an awesome first week, got settled in really quick and got to work! We found quite a few new investigators this week and one was actually quite the miracle! He came into the church dressed and ready for church on his own on Wednesday night because he thought there were Wednesday night services when it was actually just Mutual. So Elder Sunderland and Elder Christensen gave him a chapel tour after he met the bishop and Elder's Quorum President. Elder Wegrowski (Elder Christensen's companion) and I went to a member's house to help them move an old arcade game into their upstairs apartment which was an interesting experience... especially after the top part broke, so me and Elder Wegrowski were sitting there holding it sitting on the stairs while the guy freaked out that the top broke ;) not that it was heavy or anything.. ;) So that was fun.. weather was like spring this week which was really weird but then it rained yesterday and we got like half an inch of snow overnight so it's back to cold -_- But life is great anyways :) it's lots of fun being with Elder Sunderland and working here in Hamilton so I'm definitely looking forward to this transfer! I love y'all so much!! Have a fantastic week!! <3
Elder Gunnoe

Studying hard :)

New apartment in Fairfield, OH

New companion - Elder Sunderland

Monday, January 19, 2015

Email received January 19, 2015

Well what a week it has been here in Marion Indiana!! And sadly it is my last day here in Marion :( I will miss this area and the people in it and especially Elder Barrett. He's an amazing missionary and person and i know he will do wonderful as he trains a new missionary. I'm gonna miss him... Now I am off to another area to be a ZONE LEADER! Got the leadership call from President this morning and I will now be a Zone Leader somewhere in the Great Ohio Cincinnati Mission! :) We had a great last week of the transfer and the weather was a lot nicer to us :) We got around quite a bit, had interviews Wednesday with President and Sister Porter which went great and then exchanges with the wonderful Zone Leaders on Friday. Yesterday we had lunch at the Turner's after church and had the best meal ever ;) #welcometoIndiana #here'ssomesquirrel That's right ladies and gentleman we had squirrel for lunch ;) Prepared in a stew and it tasted amazing!! Still had a bit of hair here and there but it wouldn't be the same if it didn't ;) It was awesome i loved being at the turners :) #beatthatbrazil ;) anyways i will let y'all know somehow where i am and then return and report next week :) I love you so much!! :) <3 Have a fantastic week :)

Helping out at Center for Success

Found Brazil in Indiana (a bit colder though)


More exchanges

Monday, January 12, 2015

Email received January 12, 2015

What an exciting week we had here in Marion Indiana! It was a fairly mild weather week with temperatures staying below 0 and sometimes the wind chill hitting down to about 26 below 0 :) Fun times ;) We were able to accomplish a lot this week despite the weather as we worked with our ward mission leader on the ward roster and continue to find people and bring them back into the fold. We actually found a recent convert who hadn't been to church in a long while and no one had any way to get a hold of her since she moved but we, through the grace of God, got into contact with her, met up with her, and she was able to come back to church with us! When one of the Sisters in the ward saw her there she told us she had been praying for that girl and her kids for the past month that they would be able to come back to church so it was an amazing testimony builder to be part of an answer to prayers! This is the last week of the transfer so we will be finishing off strong and ending the transfer on a continued high note. Something that I've started doing is I'm reading two chapters of the Book of Mormon each day and marking every reference to the Savior in red. I would admonish anyone who is reading this (yes that means you) to start making it a habit to read at least a chapter of the Book of Mormon and witness the power it will bring into your life and see the knowledge you will gain and your testimony strengthened. Please utilize this wonderful tool that we've been given.. it's at our fingertips.. now let's use it :) I love you so much!! Have a wonderful week everyone!! By the way... I'm no longer a teenager ;) Woot woot!! #hangloose? #party #iamgettingbetteratspreadingbutter #practicemakesperfect
Elder Conner Gunnoe


Monday, January 5, 2015

Email received January 5, 2015

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! 2015 is here!! What an exciting time this is to be able to reflect on the wonderful year of 2014 and recognize the Lord's hand in my life and see what He has in store for me in 2015. We had an amazing week this past week and it was very eventful and revelatory. P-day we did our usual emailing and a bit of shopping but we mostly cleaned the downstairs apartment which we moved out of (so that it could be ready for a new tenant asap) and then organized our apartment and getting settled in. Something really awesome we've started is our 8pm appointments during the week. So winter time here in the Midwest is complicated because it gets dark around 5. With it being cold out it's hard to be running around doing work and with that, we find ourselves scrambling around the 8 o'clock hour to be obedient by staying out and working. but that's hard to do when we can't find anything to do. So something that we've started doing is filling up our 8 o'clock hour with effective lessons with members. So Monday nights we are going to Derek and Honesty's to read through and discuss Jesus the Christ with them. On Tuesday nights we are going to the Hughes' to read through and discuss the Doctrine and Covenants with them. On Thursday nights we are going over to the Temple's to read through and discuss Preach My Gospel with their older kids who are preparing to serve missions. On Friday nights we will be reading through and discussing the Book of Mormon with Brother Stover. On Sunday nights we meet with the Cooks to bring them the sacrament :) So we're making the least effective time of the day as effective as possible and as time goes on we will work on having investigators to some of these discussions :) #revelation! So for New Years Eve we had to come in at 630 pm and we weren't supposed to go back out until 3 pm new years day.. One might ask why we were "stuck" in the apartment for so long. So we were given a pack of statements and direction from President and Sister Porter of things to do during this time in the apartment. It started with cleaning and then the revelation started to pour down. We had some talks and scriptures and questions to read and ponder and we set a vision for ourselves not only for this year but of who we want to be when we're 50, what we want our life to be like, what we want our marriage and family to be like and how we can achieve those things! It was an amazing experience :) So the New Year started and we got to work. We were able to teach 10 lessons on Saturday and after having 3 investigators at church we taught 7 more lessons on Sunday, finding 4 new and seeing the fruits of fasting and prayer!! #God'sgraceinourliveswasmanifest We taught 31 lessons this past week and it was a good mixture of member present/member/investigator/less active recent convert lessons :) So this was an amazing week :) Elder Berrett and I texted President Porter and let him know that we came to the conclusion (after companionship inventory) that we work really well together so we won't be able to make it to transfer meeting this time around ;) he got a kick out of that :) We are looking forward to having another amazing week and finishing these last 2 weeks of the transfer off strong!! I love you!!! Happy New Year!!! :) <3

Elder Conner Levi Gunnoe