Saturday, July 12, 2014

Letter received July 11, 2014

Wassup!  Long time no bad :(  It has been an amazing couple of weeks here in the promised land of Connersville.  So obviously I am staying for this transfer and I am very grateful for that opportunity because so many miracles have been happening.  We keep exceeding our expectations of what's going to happen.  2 weekends ago we were able to baptize 3 amazing girls - Brooke, Hailey and Allysa!  It was a very spiritual experience.  Then this past weekend we baptized Jeremy Sr. and his youngest son Landon which was amazing as well.  Now this weekend we will be baptizing the 2 oldest kids - Jeremy Jr. and Kenzie :)  It's definitely an exciting time!  I am so grateful for this chance I have to be a part of the Lord's work at this time and in this area.  This ward is so awesome!  I love them all so much :)  We have interviews this week which I'm looking forward to - to see President again :)  We've been able to do more service with the Risch family lately which has been awesome.  It's just great being with their family :)  I can't believe I'm a year out.  Only 365 short days left.  Time is flying.  Elder Grubbe and I are doing great :)  Thank you so much for the packages - 4th of July and 1 year :)  You da bomb!  :)  We've been getting quite a bit of rain here.  The crops are shooting up :)  I'll include some programs of the baptisms for you guys and our awesome BBQ flyer :)  I hope all is well back home.  Say "Hi" to everyone for me.  I love you so much!  Have a wonderful week.
Much love,
Elder Conner Gunnoe

Monday, July 7, 2014

From email dated July 7, 2014

Momdre!! what an amazing week it has been here in the promise land of Connersville! :) 2 of Heavenly Father's sons were brought into the waters of baptism! And as you know we hosted an awesome BBQ today for our investigators and the member's :) it was a really fun time :) i have been doing very well lately! It has just been a wonderful life here lately but very very very busy. we are constantly running all over creation doing this and doing that. It's crazy how much work we've been doing.. we couldn't do it without Him though :) That's definitely something that i've learned is always recognizing God's hand in our work helps it to be constantly there. Always having an attitude of gratitude and knowing where the credit needs to go. it's been amazing to watch things unfold and all of the pieces come together in the lives of those we're working with! We've been able to have some amazing experiences lately as we have been focusing on a couple of families. I cannot believe that i am about to be a year out! only 368 days left!! :( that's scary!! time is flying crazy and i know when the holiday season rolls around again it will fly even faster! i am looking forward to it though because it will be amazing experience as it has been thus far :) I love you so much! i'll work on the letter!! Have a great week!! hug yourself for me :) Love you!!

Elder G