Friday, April 25, 2014

Letter received April 25, 2014

Ahhh!  We had 2 baptisms!  Sooo exciting and wonderful!  My first two too.  It was a crazy week leading up to the baptism but everything worked out.  Then on Sunday in Sacrament I was able to sing my testimony - "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" as a solo.  Went well according to everyone else. :)  Ya Easter Sunday was just a great day.  Sister Knotts fed us yummy ham and bread and salad and green beans and pie...then a little while later Sister Grujoski fed us some Korean style beef over rice which was awesome.  Then...more pie :)  Gotta love it.  Then we went and saw the Harshes who are a super awesome family.  Love em to death. The weather has been much nicer lately...70's during the day and 40's - 50's at night which is perfect.  Now we're a bit overcast with some on and off rain which is nice but it's humid again.  But still warm so that's good.  We have interviews this week which I'm looking forward to.  Other than that not much else going on.  Sounds like you had a good trip up north.  It's always wonderful going to the Hanson's!  I love their house up there.  Well I hope y'all have a wonderful week.  I love you so much!
Much love,
Elder G

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Letter received April 19, 2014

Dearest Family,
Oh my goodness, what an amazing day!  We had 5 member presents!  Super fun day.  It was a very spiritual lesson teaching Regina and Wakita for me.  They are getting baptized on April 19th and they came to us this evening having doubts.  Not bad doubts, just usual doubts when one is taking a big step.  As the opening prayer was being said the thought came to mind to, in a way, praise or thank them for having doubts.  I shared with them Joseph Smith's experience right before he had the first vision and that when we are close to having a spiritual experience that Satan is going to do everything he can to doubt or change our minds.  It was amazing to see the doubt and fear basically melt away from Regina as we shared these things.  She said she felt at peace.  It was amazing!  There will always be opposition when we start to choose the right.  Well it was an awesome week altogether!  We taught 11 member present lessons with 6 in a members home which is awesome.  It's been so warm lately it's helped a lot.  And it's raining today of course.  Fun stuff.  I'm looking forward to Easter weekend with the baptism and the celebration of Christ's eternally important resurrection!  How are things back home?  All the roads repaired yet?  Got my tires pumped up on my bike getting ready to break them out.  I enjoy walking more but if we have long distances we'll go with bikes.  Gonna have to start carrying water or Gatorade as the heat settles in.   Gotta stay hydrated.  Still sitting around 150 lbs...which is nice.  Sorry about being late with last weeks letter...meetings happened and time flew by.  Hope you have a great week.  Love you!
Much love,
Elder G

Letter received April 15, 2014

Wassup!  So it's raining ...a lot...but it's warm so that's ok.  Been a good week!  Had awesome steaks at the wonderful Wright's house :)  Love em!  Other than that not too much crazy been goin on.  Been a fairly normal week.  I'm definitely looking forward to conference!  We're having an ice cream social before the Priesthood session so that'll be awesome.  A lot of the sisters in the ward make pies for it.  The other day Sister Grujoski had a Marie Calendar's Razzleberry pie for dessert at her house...SOO GOOD!  Yum :)  Finally stopped raining.  To it'll be good weather for conference.  Man the Saturday sessions were AWESOME!  I love conference.  Didn't get to see Cole :(  There's been a  lot of awesome talks so far and I'm sure Sunday's will be amazing as well.  I can't wait to go see it live again.  I want to sing in it too.  The baptism is this Saturday.  We're so excited!! It's going to be so great.  How are things back in the 909?  Anything exciting going on in the branch?  Well conference was amazing.  The Spirit was so strong throughout the whole thing.  Having an overall attitude of gratitude is something I've really tried to develop while I've been out.  It helps a ton.  I loved Brother Ridd's talk in the Priesthood session.  He did very well.  Nana sent me a Walmart card which got conference snacks.  Nutter Butters, Fig Newtons, Sour Gummie Worms and just for my daddy I got some Swedish Fish. :)  Gotta love it.  Well I hope you enjoyed conference as much as I did.  I love you and hope you have a great week.
Elder G

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Letter received April 4, 2014

What a week it has been.  P-day was fun.  Tuesday we taught 5 lessons.  Thursday we taught 5 lessons.  We now have 2 people on date for the 12th.  I only ended up having 2 cavities.  Brother Knotts took us out to this amazing restaurant called No. 9 Grill ... sooo good!  Spicy BBQ boneless wings were so good.  I love Brother Knotts! :)  It's raining a lot today.  It's been a weathery week.  Supposed to be really warm tomorrow.  Transfers are Tuesday so we'll see what happens Monday when we get the call.  I don't feel like packing so I think I'll just stick around here.  What a transfer it has been.  We greatly improved from last transfer.  We were finally able to hit 20 lessons this week which was awesome.  I love this place so much!  So many wonderful people :)  We'll see what transfer calls bring ... Well I'm staying in C-Ville for another 6 weeks.  I'm so excited!  I look forward to continuing the Lord's work in this wonderful area!  Gotta get this letter out.  I love y'all and hope you're doing well!
Mucho love,
Elder Gunnoe