Friday, April 25, 2014

Letter received April 25, 2014

Ahhh!  We had 2 baptisms!  Sooo exciting and wonderful!  My first two too.  It was a crazy week leading up to the baptism but everything worked out.  Then on Sunday in Sacrament I was able to sing my testimony - "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" as a solo.  Went well according to everyone else. :)  Ya Easter Sunday was just a great day.  Sister Knotts fed us yummy ham and bread and salad and green beans and pie...then a little while later Sister Grujoski fed us some Korean style beef over rice which was awesome.  Then...more pie :)  Gotta love it.  Then we went and saw the Harshes who are a super awesome family.  Love em to death. The weather has been much nicer lately...70's during the day and 40's - 50's at night which is perfect.  Now we're a bit overcast with some on and off rain which is nice but it's humid again.  But still warm so that's good.  We have interviews this week which I'm looking forward to.  Other than that not much else going on.  Sounds like you had a good trip up north.  It's always wonderful going to the Hanson's!  I love their house up there.  Well I hope y'all have a wonderful week.  I love you so much!
Much love,
Elder G

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