Sunday, September 28, 2014

Letter received September 26, 2014

New transfer, new companion, same wonderful area! :)  I am excited to be here in C-Ville for another 6 weeks.  My companion, as you read in my email, is Elder Jerman from Mesa, Arizona.  This is his 3rd transfer so he just got done training.  He's a great missionary and fun to be with.  We've been working hard around here lately with 20+ lessons a week and lots of great service.  This last weekend we were able to bale hay out at the Risch's which was super fun.  We rode our bikes out to their house which is a 10 mile ride through the hilly countryside and we made it in 52 minutes.  Great ride :)  The Krammes family has been doing good lately!  We were able to show Sister Krammes how to use so she can start doing her genealogy for temple work.  Brooke Krammes, the youngest daughter, made the best decision ever...she chose Alto Sax for band.  I was so excited when I found out.  I've been able to teach her a couple of times as she starts to learn it.  She also let me play it and it took me a little bit but I played the Alma Mater from memory :)  Felt so great.  I missed the sax!  The weather is really starting to cool down now which is awesome because I get to break out my sweaters.  I love sweaters.  Looks like it could be another intense winter.  Elder Jerman and I went fishing on p-day.  Didn't have too much luck but it was a good time.  That'll be our p-day activity.  So I was studying in the book of Enos today.  I love the example Enos sets and his story in general.  Enos was granted a remission of his sins because of his faith in Christ.  Because of that same faith the Lord promised to grant Enos his desires.  That is the faith that I am striving to strengthen.  I know that the Lord has a plan for me and that He will provide but I also know that it's by faith that I need to live so that I may see that glorious plan come to pass.  I love the song "Be Still My Soul."  It speaks to a lot of music does.  Well I'm going to get this in the mail.  I love you!  Hope all is well!  :)
Much love,
Elder Conner Gunnoe

Monday, September 22, 2014

From our email on September 22, 2014

What a week it has been around here! Obviously transfers were this last week and I again stayed in Connersville which I am pleasantly surprised about :) Looking forward to another 6 weeks in the promise land of C-Ville. Still District Leader and my new companion is Elder Jake Jerman from Mesa Arizona! He is only 4 months out so he just got done being trained by Elder Bradshaw (the one i was in the MTC with :D) He's a great missionary and has tons of potential that I hope to help him realize. We had another busy week as we taught 23 lessons and did some great service around the area :) Got to bale hay out at the Risch's on saturday which was super fun :) The weather has really been cooling off around here which is nice.. oh and we actually rode our bikes to the Risch's which is a 10 mile ride and we made it in 52 minutes :) Good times!! Today as you saw on the pics we went fishing which was fun :) Next monday we're going to a member's property out in Liberty because he has a pretty large pond that apparently has some decent fish in it so we'll see how that goes... Other than that not too much crazy goin on.. Life is extremely good and we are continuing to work hard and labor in this part of the Lord's vineyard! Almost 15 months down!! scary stuff honestly.. time is flying which is a good and bad thing but it is what it is... I love you and hope you have a wonderful week!!! :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Email from September 8, 2014

Well it was a long but great week!! Monday of course we had the chalk draw and of course P-day on tuesday.. Wednesday i was able to go on exchanges with Elder McFarland here in Connersville! It was a great day as we went around and visited people and worked out things for this past weekend. Thursday we had a revelatory Zone Meeting up in Anderson at the end of which we had a very powerful testimony meeting as we each bore testimony about how the Savior has changed us. Friday we had some preparations to do for saturday in addition to our normal teaching schedule... then finally Saturday came... we left at 12 noon to head for the Columbus Ohio Temple!! We were able to go through a session in the afternoon immediately after which we started a baptistry session with 7 of the recent converts!! All in all we had a total of 17 members of the Connersville Ward attend that evening. It was an amazing experience had by all followed by an awesome dinner at cracker barrel! Good times with wonderful people! Sunday was a great day with testimony meeting and some great teaching in the afternoon and evening. Sorry i'm on late today we are down in Cinci with the amazing Elder Bradshaw (the one that came out with me :D) and his companion Elder Jerman (pronounced German).. we are spending the day with them and the assistants because Brother Wright (the member who is going with us to the Reds game tonight) works in Cinci so he dropped us off with the elders this morning and will meet back up with us later! It's going to be an awesome evening of baseball!!! :D i'm so excited :) I hope everything is going well back home!! I love you so much!! Have a wonderful week!! :)