Monday, January 26, 2015

Email received January 26, 2015

Well what a transfer week it has been!! I am now a Zone Leader in the Land of Milk and Honey (The Cincinnati North Zone) serving in Hamilton Ohio :D Just above Fairfield where I was born :) (Not literally - Fairfield was his first area out of the MTC)  It's so exciting to be here in this awesome area and this amazing Zone :) My companion is now the great Elder Sunderland. He's an amazing missionary and person, so this is going to be a fantastic transfer. We had an awesome first week, got settled in really quick and got to work! We found quite a few new investigators this week and one was actually quite the miracle! He came into the church dressed and ready for church on his own on Wednesday night because he thought there were Wednesday night services when it was actually just Mutual. So Elder Sunderland and Elder Christensen gave him a chapel tour after he met the bishop and Elder's Quorum President. Elder Wegrowski (Elder Christensen's companion) and I went to a member's house to help them move an old arcade game into their upstairs apartment which was an interesting experience... especially after the top part broke, so me and Elder Wegrowski were sitting there holding it sitting on the stairs while the guy freaked out that the top broke ;) not that it was heavy or anything.. ;) So that was fun.. weather was like spring this week which was really weird but then it rained yesterday and we got like half an inch of snow overnight so it's back to cold -_- But life is great anyways :) it's lots of fun being with Elder Sunderland and working here in Hamilton so I'm definitely looking forward to this transfer! I love y'all so much!! Have a fantastic week!! <3
Elder Gunnoe

Studying hard :)

New apartment in Fairfield, OH

New companion - Elder Sunderland

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