Monday, January 19, 2015

Email received January 19, 2015

Well what a week it has been here in Marion Indiana!! And sadly it is my last day here in Marion :( I will miss this area and the people in it and especially Elder Barrett. He's an amazing missionary and person and i know he will do wonderful as he trains a new missionary. I'm gonna miss him... Now I am off to another area to be a ZONE LEADER! Got the leadership call from President this morning and I will now be a Zone Leader somewhere in the Great Ohio Cincinnati Mission! :) We had a great last week of the transfer and the weather was a lot nicer to us :) We got around quite a bit, had interviews Wednesday with President and Sister Porter which went great and then exchanges with the wonderful Zone Leaders on Friday. Yesterday we had lunch at the Turner's after church and had the best meal ever ;) #welcometoIndiana #here'ssomesquirrel That's right ladies and gentleman we had squirrel for lunch ;) Prepared in a stew and it tasted amazing!! Still had a bit of hair here and there but it wouldn't be the same if it didn't ;) It was awesome i loved being at the turners :) #beatthatbrazil ;) anyways i will let y'all know somehow where i am and then return and report next week :) I love you so much!! :) <3 Have a fantastic week :)

Helping out at Center for Success

Found Brazil in Indiana (a bit colder though)


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  1. I fixed squirrel for the Elders one time also :-)

  2. We ain't called Connertucky for no reason....