Friday, October 4, 2013

Card received October 4, 2013

Dearest Mama Bear and Family, (the card had a picture of a mama polar bear with her 2 cubs snuggled up on the cover)
What a week!  Elder Giblette's tire popped 2 times in 2 days.  We had a specialized training/interviews with President and Sister Porter!  They're so awesome.  Sister Porter made us Norske Pannekakers!  Basically a super thin pancake.  They were delicious!  We played some games and she was taking pictures so make sure you check out Facebook.  (the mission has a Facebook page where they add pictures and things that are happening in the mission - the page is Ohio Cincinnati Mission)  Then after the meeting while we were waiting Elder Giblette and I sang a bunch of Hymns!  We love singing.  Sister Chapa played the piano for us.  She's amazing :)  The weather is starting to cool down which is nice.  General Conference is coming up!  I'm so excited :)  The Sisters are awesome!  Sister Fletcher is super bubbly and hard working and fun and Sister Chapa is super sweet, fun and definitely a hard worker.  She's super funny as well :)  We all work together really well.  It's so fun being a missionary!  A Brother bore his testimony yesterday about the power of the Priesthood and how the blessing he got from the missionaries allowed his physicians to diagnose a case of something most physicians will see once in their career and he had been misdiagnosed up until then and he was able to get the right medicine!  That was my first and only blessing ... :)  Good testimony builder!  Send me pictures of what you changed at the house and whatever else.  I want pictures too!  :)  I'll respond to your questions in your letter next week.  It'll be a Q&A letter with just the A's.  There's a sign I have to send you a picture's The Big Ash Farm.  Good times!  Grandma sent $50 for Subway and $25 for Red Lobster/Olive Garden/Bahama Breeze/Seasons 52/Longhorn Steakhouse!  It looks like the same Longhorn as in Washington but it's out of our area.  I'll get to it eventually.  Running out of room.  Love you!  Have a great week!
Elder Gunnoe
PS.  They sent stickers as well :)

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