Friday, November 29, 2013

Letter received November 29, 2013

Woo!  What a week!  Monday we went to Marion for P-Day.  Quite the carnage up there!  Some of those people just got power back.  Crazy stuff!  (He is referring to the damage from the tornadoes that went through the area)  We taught Ron that night with Phil Norris who got baptized in June.  He did freakin bomb!  He connected with Ron so well!  The power of recent converts is amazing.  He is way into family history and already has 100 names temple ready!  Phil has been through a lot.  He got divorced a few years ago but his ex-wife keeps taking him to court over stupid things.  He's had multiple cars repo'd, at one point he had $25k racked up in court costs.  He makes dang good money but she's basically draining him.  Luckily paying tithing is helping!  Tuesday was sweet!  We went and saw the Phillips.  Then we met Mario Santiago!  He's this super awesome little guy from Mexico.  Great member :)  Then that evening we taught Teresa Blake (her husband died a few weeks ago).  She seems to be doing really well!  We're helping her understand some parts of the gospel that confuse her which is awesome.  Wednesday we had District Meeting up in Marion.  That evening we had dinner with the Phillips.  Then we had Branch Correlation.  Then we finally met our golden investigator!  Her name is Lisa.  She just moved in from Kokomo last week.  She was taught there by the Elders since June.  She's a super solid investigator, knows everything is true so all we have to do is get her to quit smoking!  If we baptize her...she brings along 8 kids, 4 of which are baptism eligible...5 convert baptisms at once!  Her husband is a work in progress for her for now.  But still that'll be sweet.  Oh ya, Tuesday we saw Randy D.  He's the guy I gave the patch to.  So his story is sweet.  He was in the Marines for 10 years.  He has gone on multiple tours being a Sergeant.  Later in his military career he was in the Presidential Security Team!  He flew with both the Clinton's and the Bush's.  He said he hated flying with the Clinton's because Hillary was a jerk.  He loved the Bush's though!  He said Laura made the trips super fun.  So at the Pentagon there's a place called the Pin Pad where they wait with the Helicopter.  On 9/11 he was on duty with the VP when the plane hit the first tower.  They took off almost immediately.  5 or 6 minutes later the terrorists planted the plane right into the Pin Pad at the Pentagon where he was standing.  4 days later it was his birthday.  Then on the 19th the captain he was flying with took a detour in flight and surprised him by dropping him off at the hospital where his daughter was born just hours later.  He said it was interesting going into the hospital with 2 shoulder holsters, 2 thigh holsters and a rifle locked and loaded ready for war.  He has close to 1000 patches from around the states and even the world.  I got pictures of about 300 of them to show why I wanted the CHP patch for him.  He's a great guy.  Hopefully he'll be willing to apply the gospel to his life.  Yesterday we ran around seeing different people.  We went to Brother Wisman's after he came out with us.  He's a family history guru!  He showed me some tricks and I can't wait to get my family history library goin when I get home!  You may already have the enclosed papers but I thought it was super cool finding them.  We met with Ron again last night and he said he doesn't feel like he can be a member of our church.  He loves our church but can't be a member of it. We'll give him a break and see if he comes around.  We taught Teresa Blake again as well!  We went over the story about how the Book of Mormon takes place in America.  She understood it after we explained so that was good.  Today will mostly be a member day.  Just working towards our 20 lessons per week!  So ya everything is pretty good around here!  Been a mostly cold/rainy week which is nice since we have the car :)  Well Monday we find out if either of us leaves!  I doubt I'll leave.  Hopefully not.  I like it here and we have to baptize Lisa!  Hope everything is well back home!  I love you!  I apologize for being late on letters.  I never forget about you!
Elder Gunnoe
PS.  I love you.  I love you.  I love youuuuuuuu! :)

Elder Gunnoe is staying in Elwood, Indiana for at least another 6 weeks.  This letter was written and mailed prior to the transfer meeting.  But now we know he is staying.

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