Monday, August 11, 2014

Message from a sweet Sister in Elder Gunnoe's ward in Connersville...

You should know how very busy Elder Gunnoe and Elder Grubbe are in hastening the work here.  Even though this was their prep day they were doing service for a family and gave up a lot of their time to get it done.  Then I spent from 6:30 to 9pm with them as they taught and we planned for tomorrow.  They have three appointments set up for tomorrow plus some new implementations of goals they are working on.  They literally are busy working very hard for the Connersville people.  Don't be too disappointed when hand written letters lose their frequency, that just means they are so very busy doing the work!  That is something I did learn about my son while on his mission, if he had time to write me long letters each week and an email on P-day then maybe he had too much time on his hands and when the letters lessened he explained that he had learned to work harder and that of course took lots of time.  So please learn from my experience, if the letters become less frequent then that is a GREAT thing...not that he loves you less but is learning to love the Lord more!! :)

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