Monday, December 30, 2013

Letter received December 30, 2013

What up?!  How goes it?  Life is good!  It's been quite the week but life is still good.  Christmas was good!  Farararara ra ra ra raa!  Good ol' Asian buffets!  We got the car back yesterday.  Now we can go to far away places which is nice.  Connersville is an interesting area...(mission wise).  Lots of scary statistics in this town as well.   But it's good.  Hopefully since the holidays have passed the work will pick back up. Going to have to take charge and change some things to get it done though.  We'll see what happens at transfers.  Lately in studies I've been going through the District DVD's which has been good!  It's awesome because you learn something new or something different stands out every time you watch it.  You guys should get the District 1 & 2 DVD's and watch em.  They really help with learning about missionary work and you could use them in lessons as well.  Hope you had a great few days at Grandma and Grandpas!  Now you're going to be pretty busy for about a week..then things will be nice and calm :)  Until you start throwin the parties!  Meanies, partying without us :)  Don't get too crazy.  I'm almost 19!  :)  My last teen year!  Crazy stuff!  6 month mark on January 10th as well!  Let me know how the developing is going at BYUi.  I'm sure it's changed a lot in a year.  We'll see what an Indiana winter is like.  Dang humidity is just so biting!  Cole - make sure you have beanies and ear muffs...let me know if you ever have any questions about anything..I gotcha bro!  Well travel safe, say hi to everybody.  I love you all and Peace!  2014 here we come!  I love you!
Much love,
Elder Gunnoe

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