Sunday, November 9, 2014

Letter received November 7, 2014

Wow!  What a transfer!  I'm in the Hebron Kentucky ward serving in Burlington Kentucky with the zone leaders Elder Glissmeyer and Elder Tavake.  This is so awesome!  It's fun being in a trio.  We are going to be able to accomplish a lot of great things with this set up.  All it takes is one other priesthood holder and we can split up and teach the many wonderful people here in Burlington all at once.  Plus being with the zone leaders means we'll be super busy in general.  We'll be attending leadership council (all the zone leaders, Sisters training leaders and the Mission Presidency) this week.  It will be amazing to be a part of.  I'm going to miss Connersville a ton...It's quite a bit different here.  One cool thing though is I just left MY town of CONNERsville.  On our way into Hebron we drove past CONNER High School, Middle School AND Elementary School off of CONNER Road!  :)  I'm popular!  So leadership council on Friday was amazing and revelatory.  We spent all day at the mission home learning from President and Sister Porter and the Assistants.  The focus was on being a consecrated missionary.  So we talked a lot about giving up our will to submit to the Lord's.  Lots of revelation was received and the Spirit was felt.  I've really learned to listen to the Spirit when it comes to what the Lord wants for me.  So far this area is amazing!  I love the people and I'm looking forward to the next five weeks.  I hope all is well at home.  I love you so much!
Much Love,
Elder Conner Gunnoe

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