Monday, March 9, 2015

Email received March 9, 2015

Whoa!! What a week that was! Transfer week went very well.. we got 5 new missionaries in the zone and we had a very solid week here in the land of milk and honey (Cincinnati north zone). So Friday we had an amazing day at the mission home with President and Sister Porter for Leadership council! it was an amazing and very revelatory experience. President Porter towards the end of leadership council gave an amazing lesson on how we should be teaching the doctrine behind coming to church. lots of very real analogies and very obvious reasons from multiple scriptures and i don't share it on here because it is best shared in person :) We have had a lot of amazing dinners lately and I've been eating a lot :P and then doing a lot of sit ups to make up for it. :D Going to be a very busy week ahead of us as we have interviews tomorrow to run (as zone leaders we work with the sister training leaders on doing role plays and planner/area book checks for all the missionaries in the zone...:P) and then Wednesday we have zone meeting which we need to prepare for then in between we have preparations for Sue's baptism! Sue is a very amazing woman who we have been teaching for a while now. She is like a grandma to me she's so sweet and she has some amazing faith and she has studied and prayed so much it is inspiring :) I love her :) We're excited for her baptism this weekend and look forward to being with her on that special day :) Well other than that we are getting some warmer weather now which is amazing :) I'm wonderful, life is wonderful.... peace out!! #snowflake #Romans8:18 Love you so much!<3

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