Monday, March 23, 2015

Email received March 23, 2015

Whoa what a week! Monday was an absolutely gorgeous P-Day and we were able to get together as a zone and play some ultimate Frisbee at a park here in Hamilton :) A guy from the local paper came by and got some shots of us enjoying the nice weather.. haven't been able to find the article though :/ Then Tuesday we got to go to the temple!!! :D It was inspired.. so our zone trip was originally on Thursday then it got switched to Tuesday at 11 and then it got switched to Tuesday at 1.. and when we showed up I found Brother Jordan and Bishop Maddox were there and Sister Jordan was going through for her own endowment during the 1pm session! So I got to see Bishop Maddox and his wife, Brother Jordan and his mom Sister Jordan, and Sister Knotts!!! Such a fantastic surprise!! :)) So the temple trip was amazing. Then Wednesday we had District Meeting and then we had exchanges with the Liberty Elders that day so I went to Liberty with Elder Spagnolo.. pretty good day! Then weekly planning Thursday and then we had exchanges with West Chester on Friday and this time I stayed in Hamilton with Elder Goss and we had a fairly good day.. then Saturday roles around and we're a bit behind for the week.. so we worked quite a bit Saturday and it was super fun because we had Bishop's son out with us all day :) We also had an amazing dinner out at Sue's! Then Sunday we still needed to teach 8 lessons so we buckled down and worked and we did it! Sunday was a great day :) We sang in ward choir in sacrament meeting which I loved :) Then we went out and worked for the rest of the day and had some awesome lessons and ended the day with teaching the Invite By the Spirit lesson to the Maddy family which was a blast :) Brother Maddy and his son's love baseball and he actually let me bat and pitch when he was helping his son practice at the church.. it felt sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.... I love baseball <3 The Zone is continually improving which is great to see! Something we've been focusing on in the mission of course, as I mentioned before, is being a Zion mission or being united. We are taught that just because we aren't seeing huge amounts of success in our area as long as we're doing all we can and being diligent and obedient the grace will be poured out where it needs to be in the mission :) Also my studies have been super in depth lately because I got a Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible and it has a Hebrew and Greek dictionary in it. So as I read the scriptures if a word stands out to me I can look up the original meaning of that word and it brings a ton of depth and meaning to the scriptures.. So wonderful :) Well all in all life is fantastic :) Time is flyin! #Halfthetimehasgonequick..thesecondhalfwillgoevenquicker.... Hope everyone is doing well back home!! I love you all so much! Stay amazing! <3

Elder Gunnoe

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