Sunday, July 14, 2013

Conner's first letter from the MTC dated July 13, 2013

Dear Everyone,

Week 1 (or first 4 days) at the MTC have been amazing! I am learing so much and growing so much it's amazing! My companion, Elder Soper, and I have grown close and are finding that we both are progressing in our teaching very quickly. Elder Bradshaw and Elder Martinez are our roomates. So Elder Soper (Manti Utah), Elder Bradshaw (Beaver Utah), Elder Martinez (Hatch New Mexico), Elder Pingel (Post Falls Idaho), Elder Fadely (south of Missoula Montana), Sister Parker (don't remember), Sister White (Glendale California), Sister Anderson (Orange County California), Sister Flannigan (Orem Utah), and I all make up District A in Zone 3 of the MTC. And our entire district is going to Cincinnati which is unheard of to have an entire district going to the same mission. So needless to say we are all bonding and learning together and growing close as we learn how to effectively teach and share the message of the gospel. I love all of them and we all can't wait to fly out on the 24th together to go to the field! The food is quite delicious here! Breakfasts are always good, lunches are varying styles, and dinners have all been appetizing. Last night was Pizza night and they ordered Papa Johns for the entire MTC! Oh ya I forgot to mention on wednesday I reported along with 839 other ready to serve missionaries! That's a lot by the way. Anyways this week we have just been going through class times and getting to know how the MTC works and what our purpose will be in the field. Yesterday we also had gym time which was super fun! We played knock out and I was beat by a sister missionary which I found to be quite humbling. Today during P-Day I am doing my laundry and writing this letter. The laundry room literally has like 100 washers and 100 dryers. It's kind of crazy but understandable with how many people are here. I love my companion and roomates. We all get along very well and are having a great time getting the most out of the MTC we can. I will have pictures to send next Saturday as we have things to do this weekend which I would like to include pictures of. I saw my main man Elder Eastwood the first day I was here and I saw him today as well. I have also seen a few people that I met at college which is quite awesome! I saw Sister Avarell the other day which was a nice surprise! Small world the MTC is! I'm in the main building's computer lab and being P-day the only thing you can hear is the very fast clitter clatter of fingers on the keyboards as missionaries write home to their parents! I am looking forward to the next 11 days with my companion and fellow elders and sisters in my district as we prepare to enter the mission field and do the work we were called to do! I hope all is well back home and I hope to hear from some of you as we stay in touch! I love letters but email is fine as well (i can only check it once a week for an hour). I love you all! I love the Lord and His Gospel and I know it to be true!


Elder Gunnoe

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  1. Hello Elder Conner, this is Nana Sharon and cousin Brad Schneider. Just wanted to say hello and we look forward to new stories and updates from your mission. Hope things are going well. Talk to you soon!