Saturday, July 20, 2013

Update on Elder Gunnoe from 2nd P-Day - July 20, 2013

What a treat today to be able to email back and forth today with Elder Gunnoe.  Instead of writing a letter for me to copy and paste I will be posting pieces of our "chat."

Elder Gunnoe said he loves his companions and has never been so close to 3 other guys in his life (even though he has only known them for 1 week).  He said they are all doing well and are having so much fun together.  They are looking forward to leaving for Cincinnati on July 24th.

Before Elder Gunnoe left he hadn't been eating much and he said that now multiple people have told him that he eats the most out of anyone in the district.  Cole had asked Elder Gunnoe what was his favorite food and he replied that the MTC has the best Biscuits and Gravy (which he usually has 2 plates of) for breakfast, the best lunch is either the chicken wrap, orange chicken or BBQ wings and the best dinner was the night they all got Papa Johns pizza and either more BBQ chicken or wraps.  I have also been spoiling him with brownies, lemon cake and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  We better be careful or we will be needing to send him new suits.  Elder Gunnoe said they are able to work out either as a room in the residence hall with just body workouts or during gym time they play hard core basketball.  It is good for him to stay fit!!

I asked Elder Gunnoe if his testimony has grown and he said "Quite a lot my friends.  All I do is teach by the spirit."  He said the devotional was great and that they were able to sit super close.  Elder Hinckley was the speaker.  He said they took a picture of all the missionaries in the MTC which has only happened 3 other times so we'll have to watch for it in the Church newspapers or magazines.

Here are a few of the pictures he sent:

Elder Conner Gunnoe with Elder JC Eastwood (his friend from back home who is going to Iowa on his mission).

Elder Conner Gunnoe and his District (minus one pair of Sisters) in front of the Provo, UT Temple.

Elder Conner Gunnoe with Elder Soper (his companion at the MTC who is also going to the Cincinnati Ohio Mission).

Elder Conner Gunnoe and his entire District at the MTC (including an instructor - the one with the white badge).

Elder Gunnoe sounds like he is doing amazing!!  He only has a few days left at the MTC before leaving for his mission.  We are so proud of him and know he will be an amazing missionary and will be blessed beyond measure for his service to the Lord and the people of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.
We love you Elder Gunnoe!!

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