Saturday, January 11, 2014

Letter received January 11, 2014

Mom & Pop!
DOG STORY! :)  Not mine either.  So we were out visiting less actives out in the country.  As we were walking up a long driveway to a house with 3 cars in the driveway a dog appeared.  My companion asked me "Elder is that dog going to kill us?"  We had dealt with some other unfriendly dogs before so it wasn't anything new.  But I said to him half joking, half not joking "Ya actually that's a German Shepherd so it might kill us!"  But we just kept going.  We got into the actual driveway area where the cars were and having a little bit of knowledge on dogs of this caliber I knew to ignore it.  So I walked right on past him.  He took a liking to Elder Reeves however, noticing he was being a little more timid, as we continued walking toward the door he (the dog) snuck up behind Elder Reeves and nipped him one in the butt then another little nip on the hand as we kept walking.  We got to the door and knocked and stood there waiting and hoping for an answer.  Since we were standing there the dog (Sampson is his name) decided we were alright.  Then the son-in-law of the person we were seeing answered the door.  He said "Elders!" which was a warm welcome. Then Sampson noticed the door was open.  The son-in-law said "Elders get inside quick."  Sampson, having been raised by this family from a pup and again being the caliber of dog he is did not seem to like the fact that these 2 strange guys were basically lunging in the house.  And apparently Sampson was done with the whole nipping business...I made it in the door as the son-in-law was lunging out to grab Sampson but it was too late.  Elder Reeves, halfway in the door, found his right calf engulfed in German Shepherd mouth and teeth.  He still had momentum so he pulled his leg from Sampson's mouth before he could sink his teeth more than he already had.  20 minutes later he was wearing army pants after cleaning his wounds while his pants were being repaired from the large tear on the right leg of the pants.  So, that was fun. :)  After leaving there we went to play some basketball.  So we woke up to 4 inches of new snow this morning!  And it's been snowing all day!  We'll see how much we get.  These towns shut down for 3+ inches of snow...literally the library was closed due to "weather."  Oy vey!  Had an entire can of chili for dinner with a ton of Ritz crackers...I'm full...haha.  Time to head to scripture class!  We didn't go...our ride didn't show because of the snow...So we're just preparing for the day tomorrow.  I'm probably gonna grab a pair of boots soon.  4+ inches of snow and church shoes don't mix well.  Probably just find a pair of mids since we don't get a ton of snow.  We'll see.  Tryin to get some new investigators!  Now that the holidays are over we have some appointments with some potentials.  Transfers were moved to next Thursday, the 9th, so we'll see what happens there.  I'll let you know when I know about it all.  That missionary book you got me is so awesome! :)  It's got some great teaching in it!  I love the ties!  So sweet!  I only have 42 or so now :)  That bike light is so dang bright!  So legit :) know me well!  The Oakley Yankees has is perfect! :)  The mug Cole got me is so sweet.  It's my breakfast mug!  As is the music we got!  One of the CD's you guys already got me but it's all good because Elder Reeves was wanting to get that CD so it was a present to him.  No worries!  That tie pin you guys got is so cool!  :)  I love a good tie pin :)  The Anastasi's got me a couple of super sweet ties.  Uncle Don and Aunt Shari and Donny all got me some music which you can never have too much of.  Drew got me a sweet knit tie AND a telescoping spoon!  Now no one has to pass the jelly - I'll get it myself :)  The Abrams got me a bunch of ties and a couple of pictures and Carmex chapstick and hand sanitizer and stickers.  I got some money from Brian and Tracie as well as Grandma and Grandpa and Nana and Papa.  I got another tie bar from someone in the ward.  It was an awesome Christmas! :)  I'm so loved.  I know a couple are still floating around so that wasn't even them all.  That's a massive binder!  That'll definitely work for a while.  I was glad to see I was making the rounds at the Christmas party! :)  The cards from the Branch were awesome!  Lexie was awesome and had her primary class make a poster for me :)  I had been ok with the whole Argent thing until you decided to give me that card...meany.  Thank you for that though.  I'm still working on your Christmas package to'll love it :)  I'm doing a lot of trial and error with crocheting...I'm a little rusty...I'll have a scarf eventually :)  Finally got my suit and pants from Elwood!  Suit is fixed and pants are clean.  Nice to have the complete wardrobe again.  I think I might die from candy overload...good thing holidays are over.
Woke up to 1 degree.  Elder Reeves says thanks for the cinnamon rolls!  And the lemon poppy seed bread!  Good stuff.  We've got a heat wave now - it's 2 degrees!  Break out the shorts!  According to the weather, we can look up on our phone, Monday has a high of -4 degrees with a low of -14 degrees.  Yee haw!
Well today was a disappointment.  Half the state cancelled church and it turned out to be just a rain storm for now.  We'll see if it gets way sub-zero tomorrow like they're saying.  Hope traveling was safe!  How was Mallory and the Young's?  How was Elder Unklesbay?  Hope you got to do everything you wanted to!  Cole all settled in?  He'll do well!  Well I'm going to work on my list of people to write.  I love you!  Ta ta for now.
With Love,
Elder Conner Gunnoe

Elder Reeves after the dog incident :(

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