Monday, January 27, 2014

Letter received January 27, 2014

Well, it's my turn to send you some packages :)  (Elder Gunnoe sent us a belated Christmas present and a second box of excess cards, cd cases and odds/ends)  Hope you enjoy! :)  It's been an interesting week.  Being sick wasn't fun.  It's nice not being sick anymore!  I'm glad I got boots.  This weather has been crazy lately.  Super cold for a few days, then super warm, then stormy and super cold again.  Today we were walking through drifts anywhere from 5 inches to a foot and a half.  The County Department has 12 plows and 400 square miles of country roads to plow.  Crazy stuff!  Didn't get to teach Mia this last weekend but we did reschedule for this weekend so that'll be a good lesson!  Hopefully she comes to church soon.  So when I get back I have to introduce some awesome Indiana cuisine...Peanut Butter sandwiches with Chili!  So good! :)  It's supposed to be oober cold and stormy for the next two weeks so we'll see what happens.  New investigator yesterday.  Her name is Anastasia.  She's a daughter of a member and has come to church before.  She's a very good listener and asks a lot of questions so that helps us a lot.  It'll be great being able to teach her.  It's -0 again this morning.  Don't know how that works but it's cold.  Getting some laundry done this morning as well.  It's weird using quarters after having 2 apartments with a washer and dryer in them.  I'll be finally getting your packages out.  So I can't make this letter too long.  How's home?  How's the Branch?  How's the town?  Anything new or exciting?  You should go say "hi" to the beach for me...I miss it.  Almost 7 months out!  Time flies!  Well I love you and again I hope you like your presents...They aren't much but I wanted to at least do something since you do so much for me.  I'm the most loved missionary out here.  Hands down.  And I couldn't do it without you.  I love you!
Elder Gunnoe

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