Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Letter received February 5, 2014

What's up?!  How goes it?  Things are goin good here in the Ville!  Just an average week here.  This weather is annoying...especially when nobody knows how to predict it.  We might have the biggest snow storm ever here in a week or two but the storm system hasn't even come off the pacific yet so they don't know where it'll go...gotta love it.  It's February already.  January went by fast.  I got to talk to Elder Warrick Monday.  Well, not really talk, I just heard from him but still.  He's doing great.  :)  He's fluent already and loving his mission.  Sister Gulledge is doing well.  Elder Eastwood is doing well.  Elder Adams is doing well.  Elder Unklesbay is doing well.  Elder Gunnoe is doing well...that's me :)  Lots of missionaries out!  Our Stake has a goal for 100 baptisms this year.  As a new mission in 6 months, so basically August to December, we baptized 220 people with 67 in December which is an unheard of number for baptisms in a month.  The goals are high this year!  I need to figure out how to get a couple of Our Search for Happiness books so I can send em out to some people.  Great book!  So, sounds like dad said you don't have much to do...I was thinking of stuff for you!  Do some work in the Los Angeles Temple where you were married :) , go to the Mormon Battalion in San Diego and eat at Casa de Reyes (ask the Phillips), do work in the San Diego Temple (my castle), go camping at Keller Peak or in Big Bear (when it's warmer), do some home improvement together.  That's about all I got for now...haha :)  Well, I hope all is well back home.  I love you!  Thank you for all you do!
Elder Gunnoe

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