Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Letter received March 26, 2014

"Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, other people MAKE it happen!" - Michael Jordan

Dearest Familia,
What up?!  What a 2 weeks it has been.  As you found out Monday I have 3 cavities.  I get them filled on the 28th.  Fun stuff!!  We should be having a baptism in a couple of weeks!  :)  This past Tuesday we went to .... THE COLUMBUS OHIO .... TEMPLE! :)  It was so awesome and amazing and spiritual.  It's smaller than our temple.  Such a wonderful opportunity.  Then afterwards we went to Olive Garden.  I was in heaven twice that day.  Soooo good! :)  It's been an awesome week this week.  Went on exchanges with my awesome District Leader Elder Tanner.  He's my bro for life.  I love what it talks about in Mormon Chapter 9 - how God is a God of miracles and He only ceases to be a God of miracles when we loose our faith in Him.  In order to live in the realm of the miraculous, as we assist God in hastening His work, we must rely on Him and His Son and the doctrines they have given us through the Holy Scriptures.  It's His work, we're just the ones helping to carry it out and see it through to the end.  He will provide a way to accomplish the things which He has commanded us to do.  How have things been back in the 909?  I hear dad got a new toy...remember to not be too hard on it for the first 1000 miles so it's broken in...I remember a dealer telling us that.  General conference is coming up!  I'm so excited.  It's going to be awesome.  Transfers are on the first so no mail for this next week.  Who knows what'll happen.  Coming up on 9 months.  Time is flying by.  What a great weekend.  We have Wakita on date for the 12th of April.  Woo!  We've been running around so much lately.  Saturday we went and did my kind of service.  We worked on the Gambill's house.  I had so much fun.  We fixed some leaks, hung some blinds, and I chopped a bunch of wood which you know how things go when I get an ax in my hand.  I couldn't stop. :)  Now I'm super worth it.  I love it here.  I'm having so much fun and we meet so many wonderful people.  We taught another 15 lessons last week.  Very solid.  It needs to warm up.  We're all done with this cold stuff.  I love you guys so much!  Have a great week!  One more thing - as you saw in my pictures we now have Elder Goose joining us at our apartment.  The story behind that is that here in Indiana a ton of people have these concrete geese either on their porch or in their front yards.  A lot of people dress them up.  To us they are know as a Hoosier Goose.  Elder Reeves has been wanting one for a while and while Elder Tanner and I were doing service the lady we were doing service for had one in front of the house she was cleaning out.  Naturally (with her permission) we kidnapped it. We then went to Goodwill, got it some clothes and now we have Elder Goose!  So awesome!  Love you!
Elder G.

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