Monday, March 31, 2014

The following is from an email Elder Gunnoe sent to his mission president. The mission is gathering information from the missionaries for a book they are putting together. So proud of him ...

Questions of the Soul Answers:
#1 What does Jesus Christ expect of me?
In 2 Nephi chapter 31 we find Nephi teaching the Doctrine of Christ. He talks about how Christ was baptized to fulfill all righteousness and that He set an example for us. But being baptized isn't all we need to do. Nephi goes on to talk about enduring to the end which includes having a steadfastness in Christ and a perfect brightness of hope with a love of God and of ALL men. We also need to feast upon the words of Christ or the scriptures because they are given to us for our benefit and will help us to stay on that straight and narrow path. In Mosiah chapter 4 we learn from King Benjamin that believing in God and having faith in Him and His Son is what helps us to retain a remission of our sins. He also talks about needing to serve our fellow man, to provide for the poor and needy and to remember the God who has blessed us so much.

#2 Why does God allow evil and suffering to occur?
In Alma chapter 60 verse 13 we learn that God allows the righteous to be slain so that justice may be brought upon the wicked. The righteous are blessed when persecuted by the wicked when they endure it well with faith. In Alma chapter 12 verses 31-32 we find that everyone receives the God given right to freedom of choice or agency. Through that agency we have the ability to choose good or evil. Those choices that we make, whether they be good or bad, bring consequences and sometimes we have to suffer from the negative consequences of other people's actions. This is what allows the plan of redemption to be available and to work. In Helaman chapter 14 verse 30 we are able to reaffirm the fact that we each have the ability to choose and that we alone must in the end suffer the consequences of those actions. It is a God given right that cannot be taken away.

#3 How can I avoid sin?
In Moroni chapter 7 verses 11-19 an example is given that helps us to see how we can know good from evil. It says that a bitter fountain cannot bring forth good water and a good fountain cannot bring forth bitter water. This means that we know of a surety whether or not what we're doing or seeing or hearing is of the devil or of God. All good things come from God and all bad things come from the devil. If something doesn't bring us closer to God or doesn't fulfill His purposes then it is of the devil. later on in these verses we find that in coming to this earth we receive the Spirit of Christ which helps us to know good from evil which brings us to a perfect knowledge whether something is of God or the devil. In Helaman 5:12 it says that if we build our foundation upon the rock of our Redeemer that when the devil tries to tempt us and lead us astray that he will have no power over us whatsoever. 2 Nephi 32:9 talks about praying unto the Father in the name of Christ dedicating whatever we are doing unto Him so that He will consecrate our performance that it can be for the welfare of our souls.

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