Thursday, March 6, 2014

Letter received March 5, 2014

What a week it has been!  Monday for P-day we went bowling again, then went and played some basketball.  I love bowling...Imma get into that when I get back.  Anyways..Tuesday evening we had Stake President Burdett come out with us.  We went and saw Greg who is an investigator that randomly showed up to church which is awesome!  Then we went to see Lowell who has been a member for a long time.  He used to own a trucking business.  He has this massive, gorgeous log cabin with a 300 foot wrap around porch!  Such a beautiful house!  Then we went and saw Chopper...he's always fun to see :)  The Zone Leaders wanted to go on exchanges that next day and didn't tell us until 9pm and we didn't end up getting back from being with President Burdett until about 10.  So Elder Fivas and I didn't get to Anderson until almost midnight.  Fun stuff!  So in Anderson on Wednesday we had District meeting then went out with a member for a while.  Then we found this guy named Larry who we taught the Restoration to.  He's an awesome guy.  It's always fun hearing other people's stories!  Then switched back that night.  Connersville is doin well.  Went and saw the Caldwells Thursday then Brother Knotts that evening.  He's such a great guy.  Love him to death.  Friday was so sweet.  In the evening we had an appointment with Tim, who Elder Reeves found while we were on exchanges.  We met Tim at the church.  We were able to give him a super awesome chapel tour!  Then we taught him the Restoration in the foyer.  The Spirit was super strong and we were able to answer a lot of his questions!  He's agnostic but we were able to get him to pray!  He's starting his journey towards learning the truth!  Fantastic day!! :)  Well - there went the nice weather.  It's currently snowing and we only had sacrament meeting :(  We're going to try and get around to see some of the people that couldn't make it today.  Sounds like Cali is getting pounded with weather.  Do they think it'll help at all?  Everyone here is so done with winter.  Just makes me reflect on our winters.  As you see attached is the letter to Mary.  (Elder Gunnoe wrote his Uncle Stephen and his new wife Mary (who has had a few questions about the LDS church) a 7 page letter and sent them the Book of Mormon and the book - Our Search for Happiness.  I would love to post the letter here so you all could read it but it is a little personal.  I will say it is an amazing letter and makes me so proud of the man Elder Gunnoe is becoming)  She should have received it on the 1st.  I really enjoyed writing it and really hope it is of benefit to her!  I hope she enjoys the books as well.  We taught 16 lessons this week!  That's a record for this area for a while.  Time to go email my amazing parents.  I love you all!
Elder Gunnoe

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