Monday, April 27, 2015

Email received April 27, 2015

My oh my what a week that was and what a week we have ahead of us! Monday was a fairly normal p-day. Tuesday was interesting because we were able to meet a recent convert who moved down here from Marion Indiana and I had actually met her a couple of times in the 6 weeks I was serving up in Marion! That was cool.. Then dinner with the Yates family which was awesome and then we came in for the evening around nine and the Unklesbay's met up with us because I had to give them something and while we were outside our apartment building talking to them Sister Unklesbay was taking some pictures of us (she's awesome) and while she was doing so a couple of guys came out of the building and made a comment on her taking pictures of us so we started to explain to him that our mom's out west like pictures of us and then talked about who we were and why we were dressed up and what we do and then two more guys showed up and then it turned into lots of testimony bearing and turned out to be a fantastic lesson in the last 20 minutes of the day! So awesome :) Then Wednesday went by then a long day of weekly planning and working with the zone on Thursday then service on Friday helping Brother Yates with some yard work for a sweet mother's day present then we took David out with us which was great then the ward chili cook off that night which was lots of fun! Saturday it rained and we ran around seeing people getting ready for church then Sunday was a Stake Broadcast which was amazing! :) Now begins the fun week.. P-day today, exchanges tonight till tomorrow night, Stake Reports Wednesday night, Thursday 9am-5pm is zone conference which we actually have to be there around 730ish for preparations, then Friday from 9am-6pm is leadership council which will be amazing as usual then of course the weekend! :) Hooray for being busy! :) Here goes nothin! I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Elder Gunnoe

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